Instant Print Digital Camera for Kids, Rotatable Lens 1080P HD ,Children Camera with Thermal Photo Paper 32GB TF Card

Product details:

Video Resolution: FHD(1920*1080px)/HD(1280*720px)

Display Screen: 2.4 inch IPS eye protection screen

Pixel: 12MP

Language: 16 national languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish,,Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Czech, Turkey

Battery Power: 1200mAh

Charging time: 1.5-2 hours

Working time for Photo-only: 3 hours

Working time for Print-only: 1 hour

Support TF card: Up to 32GB (Included inside)

Charging Voltage and Current: DC 5V/2A

Weight of Thermal Paper: About 25g


In order to prevent the memory card from being lost during transportation, we will install it in the camera when shipping. Please check when receiving the camera.

If the color of the printed image is light, try adjusting the print density.
Step: Settings -- Print Shade -- High/Mid/Low

If "memory card error" appears, please try to connect the computer to format the TF card

The battery will arrive in low power, please charge before using.


1. Photo/Video mode switch2. Delete3. Return4. Camera On/Off switch, main menu5. Shutter button, verify6. Up/Zoom in7. Left/Enter the photo sticker mode when in photo mode8. Right/Photo album9. Down/Zoom out10. Print On/Off switch11. LCD monitor12. Microphone13. Lens of camera14. Speaker15. Print paper door16. Strap eyelet17. Memory card socket18. Charging port

Product List

Instant Print Camera * 1 USB Data Cable * 1 32GB TF Card * 1 Neck Lanyard * 1 Thermal Paper 8.5m * 3 (Print about 220 photos)Manual * 1