About Us

My story began in 2009 with a big dream and a small home studio.

With only one desk, a full-time job in a high-tech company and next

to no free time, "Jolinne" was born. I was eager to follow the saying

"Live what you love" and my dream came true.

Two years later I quit my day job and was living my dream with only

one little Etsy shop. My passion for unique designs that can't be

found in stores, along with my vision that every child will relate to

Jolinne or Jovani, also with her/his own hair and skin color brought

my passionto life.

Jolinne products bring together the finest materials and stunning

designs to create something very special for every child.

We believe in quality, care, and creating unique products that every

child would love to own. Colorful, creative, and inspired by children

and the little girl inside of me, each product represents what I love

about the world we live in.

I hope my designs will find their way to your home

and to your children's hearts