Heated and Vibration Massage Unisex Scarf

Amazing smart scarf, delicate to the touch, skin-friendly and warm with the following features: 

*1. 3-speed heating mode with temperature control heating.

*2. 4-speed vibration massage mode

*3. Safe to wash.

*4. Can warm up the neck and provide relief for cervical discomfort.

*5.The heating plate works at low voltage, with a multiple safety protection system that will only conduct heat and no electricity.

*6. High-quality flannel, delicate touch, warm and breathable, skin-friendly and comfortable.

Heating mode: low temperature 35℃/medium temperature 45℃/high temperature 55℃ Massage mode: Gentle: continuous vibration + intermittent vibration massage Comfortable: vibration 2.5S + pause 0.5S massage Strong: continuous vibration + intermittent vibration massage Powerful: intermittent vibration massage