Elite Sportz Equipment Family Games for Kids and Adults - Fun Kids Games Ages 4 and Up - Way More Fun Than it Looks, is Quick and Easy to Set-Up and So Compact for Storage (A Curling Game)

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Brand: Elite Sportz Equipment



  • TRULY, FAMILY FUN IS SO IMPORTANT, THIS KIDS GAME'S FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY, seriously, please check out our reviews. we're getting an overwhelming response that this is a game for the whole family. This table-top curling game, is a more-fun-than-it-looks kind of board game, and the kids will be more than delighted when you introduce this game to them if they've never played it before
  • SUCH A FUN GAME FOR TEENS AND ADULTS ALIKE, the great thing is, you'll find its challenging enough that adults and kids can go head to head against each other, with no advantage either way. unless of course the kids have been practicing secretly and come out and beat all the mums, dads and the grandparents too. A truly wonderful family game
  • FAST AND EASY SET-UP TABLE GAMES FOR FAMILY, AND IT PLAYS OH SO SMOOTH, the elite sportz curling game has ball-bearings inside the plastic "stones" and they do a great job of simulating the relative weight of the stones, while the surface is slippery enough to produce the ice-like effect of easily sending the stones too far. the kids will play this for hours as they get a feel for it
  • SO COMPACT FOR STORAGE AND TRAVEL, this is such a nice compact travel fun game for kids or adult games night. takes up no space at all and includes a shiny rollout surface 47 inches long and 4 blue and 4 orange stones
  • OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU, at Elite Sportz, customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. All our fun family games from Elite Sportz Equipment come with a 1 year Warranty.

Binding: Toy

Publisher: Elite Sportz Equipment

Details: Another Great Family Game from Elite Sportz - Curling has been enjoyed since the Middle Ages when the game was first played on frozen lakes in Scotland. Requiring hand-eye coordination and strength, curling is all about moving stones and trying to get them right in the center of a target. - The game is challenging, fun and action packed, but there's one big problem with it--you need ice to play. Or at least you did until now! - Elite Sportz Equipment has taken all of the fun of curling and made it into a compact tabletop game that you and your family can enjoy anywhere that there's a flat surface. - Challenge each other to games and see who can get more of the mini stones into the target! - Plenty of fun for kids aged 5 and up and for teens and adults, the Elite Sportz Equipment Tabletop Curling Game comes with a roll-up mat, orange stones and blue stones. - The slippery surface of the mat recreates the sleek surface of the ice perfectly. Two to eight people can play at once! - When not in use, the Elite Sportz Equipment Tabletop Curling Game is as easy to store as any other board game in your collection. The mat rolls up fast and tucks away inside the box. - A drawstring bag allows you to keep the stones secure and neatly organized. - The lightweight box is convenient to throw in the car to take with you when you're traveling.

Package Dimensions: 15.6 x 3.0 x 2.9 inches