Bear Coasters Set – 6 Full Size Rustic Coasters in Handmade Canoe with Adorable Black Bear Figurines | Black Bear Log Cabin Decorations, Rustic Lodge Decor for The Home

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Brand: Cabin Obsession

Color: Brown Gray


  • 🐻 Beautifully Handcrafted Bear Coaster Set – 100% crafted and painted by hand, each piece is unique and made with love. This set will enhance your home with functional rustic cabin decor that brings a smile to your face.
  • 🐻 Not Four... but SIX Full-Size Coasters – Other bear coaster sets come with 4 coasters, but ours includes 6 coasters so you can entertain even more guests. Ours are also larger than most others, with a 3.5-inch diameter (instead of 2.75-inch) in order to accommodate larger cups and mugs.
  • 🐻 Makes the Perfect Gift – Our adorable bear coaster set makes the perfect housewarming gift for cabin decorations, rustic home decor, farmhouse decor, or simply as a unique coffee table feature for a man cave. Not to mention, the adorable canoeing bear characters make a great conversation piece!
  • 🐻 Our Coasters are Different – Our coasters are fully handcrafted solid resin, so you won’t have any problems with poorly-absorbing cork or warping over time. We offer 6 coasters instead of 4, and ours are full-size 3.5 inches diameter (instead of 2.75) to fit any glass or mug.
  • 🐻 1-Year No-Risk Guarantee, & World Class Customer Service – Purchase with confidence! We’re absolutely confident you’re going to love your new coaster set, but if you’re not happy for any reason, just contact us and we’ll quickly make it right, or refund your money. That’s a promise. 24 hour response guaranteed.

Binding: Kitchen

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EAN: 0051716545576

Package Dimensions: 8.6 x 5.8 x 4.3 inches